Tourism is the Third of the Main Branches of Argentina’s Economy


By the last year’s results, tourism took the third place according to the importance for the economy of Argentina. In 2007 tourism enriched the economy of the country more than for 4 billion dollars, announced the Minister of Tourism in Argentina, Enrique Mayer.

Tourism surpassed even the main branches of industry and agriculture of Argentina.

As the results showed, the amount of foreign tourists in Argentina increased by 11% in comparison with 2006, and thanks to that Argentina took the second place in the region after Chile – 12% and even surpassed the USA (10%), told Mayer.

According to the official information, last year 4 542 996 foreign tourists visited Argentina and everyone of them spent there on average 918 dollars. The majority of tourists come from Chile, Brazil, the USA and Spain. European tourists spend here more money – on average 1 647 dollars. Mayer told that the authorities of the country hope to keep and even to exceed the level achieved in 2007.

Argentina has practically everything for exacting travelers, including the large beaches stretching for several kilometers, some of the highest mountains in the world, boundless steppes and wonderful waterfalls, skiing resorts and a lot of monuments of colonial architecture, dense forests and enormous megapolises and picturesque villages of cattle-breeders. What to do at sentosa singapore 

Unlike its neighbors, Argentina is very Europeanized, but the miraculous and fascinating nature, and a great variety of cultures, make this country very attractive for tourists.

Argentina is not the first country that pays now a lot of attention to the tourism as the most important part of the national income. For example Mozambique has been declared to be one of the most attractive place for tourists, though 15 years ago this country suffered from a brutal civil war. Now they have a developed touristic infrastructure and have earned this rating position.


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