Three Popular and Proven Natural Home Facial Masks Recipes


For all of us, having to use a facial mask comes in as a necessity one of these days, and that actually becomes a reality considering the fact that the world has become a lot warmer and hotter. Home facial masks recipes come in various types and kinds, but all of them are similar in such a way that they are used to provide a relaxing experience on the skin and face. And the nice thing is that all of the ingredients we will talk about have that special kind of power to soothe and heal the skin from stress and warm temperature. Hence, facial masks exemplify the skin’s entitlement to be pampered.

With do-it-yourself home facial masks recipes, you get something that is very natural, effective, and cost effective. It’s actually much better than having a facial spa since you will not be looking at spending money while guaranteeing that the skin is pampered.

DIY Home Facial Masks Recipes

Pineapple Melon Cleaning Mask – For this recipe, you need the following:

• Pineapple – 50 – 70 grams

• Muskmelon – 50 – 70 grams

• Water – 100 ml

• Cosmetic Cornstarch – 8 grams

Just combine pineapple, melon, cosmetic starch (oatmeal is fine without it), and water using a blender. After doing so, you can apply the finished product (paste) to the face and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. After that, you can easily wipe it off using a wash cloth.

Pumpkin Facial Mask – put in mind that while pumpkin is mostly overlooked when it comes to nutritional benefits, it is actually very rich in beneficial ingredients intended for the skin and that includes things like retinol, beta-carotene and ascorbic acid. For this facial mask recipe, the following ingredients are needed: sendusmasks coupon

• Pumpkin Puree – about 2 teaspoons

• Honey – ½ teaspoon

• Milk – ½ teaspoon

• Cinnamon spice – ½ teaspoon

Mix all the ingredients and make sure you produce a paste-like substance. Apply the product to a warm washed and cleansed face. Make sure you let the paste dry for at least fifteen minutes before rinsing the same with water.

Green Tea Face Mask – When we talk about green tea, the first thing to come out is healthy benefits, and that’s true! But little do you know that green tea also has revealing positive benefits for the skin. It does not only heal acne, it also provides utmost soothing and cooling on the face. For a facial masks recipe, what you need are:

• Green tea

• Half a tablespoon of lemon juice

• Tablespoon of granulated sugar

Put a warm tee in the fridge to chill it. After which, you need to take it out and mix the same with sugar and lemon juice. After you’ve made the mixture, put it on your face using the same as either a face wash or perhaps leave the mixture sitting on the skin for fifteen minutes. Finally, you can wash it off and feel the difference.


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