Cybersecurity’s importance has increased multifold as we stare at an era where technology growth is rampant, the world is going mobile, companies are facing a data crisis, and managing their data becomes a cumbersome task. Internet of Things (IoT) is the new trend, and not just bigger companies but also small and medium enterprises face cyber threats due to their vulnerability. Personal individuals are prey to scams, and this makes matters even more complicated as confidential private information or company information gets leaked as employees handle their files from personal devices.

So, on both personal level and a business point of view, focusing on cybersecurity becomes a prime task on everyone’s to-do list these days. Some of these steps are very basic and need to be followed without any exceptions:


Data protection is very fundamental when it comes to both personal and enterprise-level cybersecurity. It is common to see someone become a victim of phishing scams where people fall prey to identical websites that take essential information such as credit card details, employment information, and personal identification data and use this info to steal money, create identity theft problems and access other confidential information. This becomes a bigger problem when company data is stolen using the identity of an employee who has fallen prey to such scams.

To get around this problem, it is extremely necessary for individuals and companies to stress on strong password protection, using two-factor authorization, invest in email authentication systems, and create awareness about avoiding pop-ups, unknown emails, and links. Phishing is the most common procedure of identity theft, and this can be avoided by not giving personal and company information in emails and processes that are not self-initiated.


Firewalls are basic defense systems that everyone needs to set up if they want to protect data from malware and ransomware. These prevent data corruption and theft, unauthorized access to information is warded off, and threats are tracked and minimized.

Although most systems come with default firewalls, it is wise to use third party authentic firewalls both at home and office networks. It is a high priority requirement if data is exchanged around your house and company devices often.


Considering how risky public internet networks are, it is a good choice to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while accessing important data such as company information. Company networks must be encrypted and password-protected; while working away, and a VPN must be used.

It is essential to choose a legitimate and trusted VPN service, as some are more trusted than others. The company should convey the employees, the recommended procedure to utilize their trusted VPN service.

While investing in these security systems might seem like an unnecessary sunk cost to small and medium businesses, it has long term benefits in secure data management, which otherwise would have created unwanted losses that are harder to take care of.


A much more important phase of securing your data is to test your system to dummy tests. Companies should talk to their IT departments and undertake regular tests to find loopholes in the system and eliminate them. It is also important for these tests to be properly monitored and recorded for solving future problems.

On both professional and personal levels, external backups must be updated regularly on the off chance that data is breached and erased by malware or mishaps. It is a fundamental prerequisite to system checks as well and must be given utmost importance before undergoing any security tests.


It is important to be aware of cybersecurity steps and potential hazards. Companies can reduce their costs due to accidental data breaches by making their employees educated and trained in relevant cybersecurity procedures. If employees can work with the IT department, know how to integrate their personal devices and work devices without jeopardizing secure information, update security systems regularly and take backups on the cloud with proper authorization, then security is maximized. This also resolves time lost in contacting support and creates more productive work hours for the company.


It is an essential requirement for anyone who works with computers to follow cybersecurity so that they are not a liability to their company and, more importantly, to their own essential private information. With cybercrimes on the rise, it is handy to keep these fundamental steps in mind since an average scammer or a hacker is not a professional. That said, such threats should always be taken seriously owing to the imperfect knowledge prevailing in this field.


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